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Chimallery - where Art embraces Evolution

Chimallery is a new platform which offers artists of all backgrounds an opportunity to participate in competitions. The platform supports both Traditional- and AI-generated Art, where artists can not only showcase their talents but also compete for prize money while fostering artistic growth.

Chimallery: Where Artistry Finds Its True Canvas

Rooted in the history of The Chimera Gallery founded by Dave O’Shea, Chimallery emerges as a dynamic platform that celebrates both Traditional- and AI-generated Art.
Our robust safeguards aim to ensure the sanctity of each form, preventing any crossover between them, while renowned art critics who make up our panel of judges give credibility to our commitment.
Exciting competitions beckon, with enticing prize money. Winners don’t just earn rewards, they receive certificates adorned with appraisals from experts, magnifying their artistic significance.
Above all, the Chimallery journey adds more than recognition. Private feedback, provided by expert judges, fosters artistic development. It’s a nurturing process that empowers artists to refine their craft, adding our dedication to your evolution.
Chimallery is the nexus where tradition and innovation coalesce, enabling artistry to bloom. Join us in celebrating this vibrant symphony of creativity, bridging gaps, and creating a canvas that resonates with your unique expression.

We use trusted and established payment and it solutions

We ensure fair competitions

At Chimallery we uphold the authenticity of traditional art as a cornerstone of our commitment to fair competition. To attempt to ensure that each submitted traditional artwork is genuine, we’ve implemented a new multi-layered approach that combines meticulous examination and expert evaluation.

Submission Material Scrutiny

We require artists to provide a comprehensive set of submission materials, including high-resolution photographs, macro shots, and angle-specific images of the artwork. These visuals are meticulously assessed to identify signs of authenticity, such as brushwork details, texture, and nuanced color variations.

External Judge Assessment

Our collaborations with renowned art critics further fortify our authenticity measures. These expert judges evaluate submitted traditional art pieces against the backdrop of their extensive knowledge and experience, further verifying the legitimacy of the artworks.

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At Chimallery, we employ a robust scoring system that encapsulates the diverse perspectives of our esteemed art reviewers. Each submission is individually assessed across multiple criteria, ensuring a comprehensive and fair evaluation process. These confidential scores culminate in a compound final score that determines winners.

Winner Certificates

Winning is a moment of celebration, and at Chimallery, we honour this achievement with more than just prize money. Our winners receive distinctive certificates adorned with quotes of appraisal and justification of their ranking from our judges. These words of recognition celebrate your artistic journey and provide a tangible testament to your creative prowess.

Price Money

But the celebration doesn’t end there. We know that your talent deserves tangible rewards. Alongside your certificate, Chimallery ensures that your prize money is promptly paid out. Our winners are contacted to confirm the details for the payout process. If no additional information is provided, we initiate the payout to the PayPal account used for the admission fee, ensuring your hard-earned recognition comes with the deserved financial appreciation.

The Process in a nutshell

Our art competitions provide a platform where Traditional- and AI-generated Art coexist, fostering growth through collaborative feedback, transparent judging, and innovative safeguards.

Choose Your Canvas

Traditional artisan painter or AI-art visionary? Choose your path with Chimallery's vibrant competitions. Explore topics with your unique expression. Each category features prize pool details.

Traditional Art celebrates brushstrokes and emotions.

AI Art merges tech and creativity, embracing AI as your medium.

Our process ensures a clear distinction between Traditional- and AI-generated Art.

Submit Your Art

Submitting to Chimallery's competitions is an effortless journey, spotlighting your artistry while honoring your privacy:

Required Information: Share your Name, Family Name, and Email (all of which are kept confidential) for contact. Enhance your online presence with optional website or social media details. Choose full or initial-first name credit.

AI Art Submission: Provide model specifics (Type, Version, Public/Private) that birthed your AI creation. Include a high-res image (2MP+, 1080p) of your AI artwork.

Traditional Art Submission: Share a high-res painting photo (4MP) for publication. Add canvas macro shot, ~45° angle image, and optional 3-9 sec video clip for QA (specific comps)

Pay Admission Fee

Approaching the final step, we'll guide you through payment.

After submission, the secure PayPal platform ensures seamless entry fee processing.

Validation and Updates

Congratulations on your submission milestone! Stay engaged with the process:

Email Confirmation: A comprehensive email draws together your payment submission details.

Receipt/Invoice: Receive a separate email for entry fee documentation.

Submission Integrity Check: We confirm our commitment to value authenticity and notify you of integrity checks.

Winner Announcement

As your submission enters the competition phase, meticulous evaluation and expert feedback by our judges await: Expert Evaluation


Independence: A panel of 3-5 esteemed art judges assess each submission individually, ensuring impartiality.
Criteria: The judges evaluate based on various factors, assigning confidential scores.

Consolidated Feedback: Your growth matters. We compile reviewers' scorings privately, enhancing your artistic journey.

Winners' Recognition: Our site highlights winners, who receive certificates and reviewers' appraisal. Celebrating talent and achievement is vital.

Rewards: Winners are contacted for prize payout, initiated to the PayPal account used for admission fee.

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